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Welcome to European Maritime Certification Institute

European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI) certifies companies, individual professionals and products within the maritime branch. EMCI is your global partner for tailormade maritime certification-, examination- and registration solutions for professionals and companies.
EMCI holds the certificationscheme EMCI International Certified Maritime Practitioner®. This certificationscheme is based on the international ISO standards 17024 (certification for professionals) and 9001:2008 (managementsystems). 
EMCI Accredited Agencies facilitate the global availability of and the easy access to EMCI accredited basic courses, training programs, other educational programs and the EMCI Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program. The EMCI Accredited Agency crews know your local market & language and are easy approachable. The EMCI certificationscheme offers the maritime professionals, groups as well as individuals, an official registered and protected private status & title.
EMCI sets global maritime registration and certification standards for: 
  • EMCI Registered Marinesurvey Company®
  • EMCI Registered Maritime Borkerage Company®
  • EMCI Registered Broker Barges & Houseboats® / EMCI Registered Shipbroker® / EMCI Registered Yachtbroker®
  • EMCI Registered Harbourmaster® / EMCI Registered Yachtharbourmaster®
  • EMCI Registered Marinesurveyor® / EMCI Registered Yachtsurveyor®
  • EMCI Registered Maritime Appraiser®
EMCI and ADR International Register are ISO 9001:2008 certified by LLoyds Register Netherlands. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is registered with the Deutscher Akkreditierungs Rat and United Kingdom Accreditation Services. 
EMCI and ADR International Register are the official registered tradenames and activities of Worldwide Certification Examination Institute (WCEI) and subsidairies of Global Network Group.
If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us. With pleasure we supply all requested information.
Please contact us via email or landline +31(0)88 0038735.
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